A never-ending Dispute Between ‘Nocoiners’ and ‘coiners’

Cointelegraph, a media company placed this ad beamed the term “nocoiner” and its definition to more than 300 thousand people who daily pass through the iconic Manhattan intersection in New York.

Some figures active within the crypto community were excited to see its culture being given such prominent exposure however, others were not so enthused.

Vitalik Buterin, a co-founder of the Ethereum platform, arguing that such terms as “nocoiner” shouldn’t be used proudly by the crypto community and the people, since there are still some legitimate reasons for not holding bitcoins or any other tokens.

“The Term nocoiner stands for someone who has no Bitcoin”

It became interesting because this term made an impact to remind us that most of the public has yet to be convinced of the value of buying bitcoins, Ethereum and other tokens and that the crypto industry has failed to convince people of this value.

‘Nocoiner’=”A nice signaling mechanism”

Source: cryptonews

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