Cornell, one of the top university in the world offers the most Crypto classes

Cornell, one of the top university in the world offers the most Crypto classes

When it comes to crypto and higher education, Cornell University is not just leading the Ivy League: It offers more blockchain-related courses than any other top university in the world, according to a survey by digital asset exchange Coinbase and researcher Qriously Technologies.

Just over 40% of the world’s top 50 universities offer at least one class on blockchain or crypto assets, according to the study, which focused on undergraduate-level courses planned for fall 2018 (or the most recent data available). Classes were offered by computer science professors, as well as by anthropology and finance departments. Cornell, ranked 14th overall among US universities by US News & World Report, offers 28 courses on cryptography, cryptocurrencies, or blockchain.

The hype around digital assets has dissipated. Bitcoin has fallen more than 60% since its high in December, to around $7,000 at the time of writing. Still, that is well up on its price of around $4,630 a year ago and $580 in 2016.

The enthusiasm for blockchain technology has also cooled. Bitcoin’s blockchain architecture—essentially a robust, distributed database—was invented a decade ago, and companies have been exploring whether it could be applied to everything from supply chains to securities offerings. But so far, only 1% of executives in a survey reported deploying the technology at their firms. The main use for bitcoin has been speculation, and it hasn’t caught on in many places as a means of payment. The same goes for most other crypto variants, even ones marketed with supposed “utility” value.

Blockchain may not change the world, but the mathematics and computing expertise necessary to understand it are all but certain to.

Source: Quartz News

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