Crypto market could take years or month to get back in its momentum

Crypto market could take years or month to get back in its momentum

A lot of people pay attention to Erik Voorhees when he talks about Bitcoin, he is a crypto pioneer.

Following the popping of the first bitcoin bubble in July 2011 where the price fell from $31 to close at $2 on 31st of December that year, Erik predicted that the future bitcoin price would hit thousands of dollars, like a stalwart high conviction manager.

Bitcoin hit its all time high on the December 17th 2017 at $19,783.

Successful speculators in crypto have posted returns in the thousands and funded the ICO boom. Many lost as the market turned in early 2018 – crypto had its .com moment.

An economist by training who followed financial markets, Erik was initially sceptical about Bitcoin. The more he read about the power to liberate people from governments, central banks and fiat currency the more his views changed until he got the Bitcoin bug.

Erik is one of cryptos greatest libertarian advocates, and often sounds like Thomas Paine.

He is the founder of Shapeshift, a non-custodial crypto to crypto exchange, and has attracted investors like Lakestar and Blockhain Capital, and heavy weight insdustry influencers on the Board like Oliver Bussmann, the President and Co-Founder of the Crypto Valley Association in Switzerland.

His past blockchain company affiliations include: BitInstant, Coinapult and, most notably, SatoshiDice, which was responsible for most of the Bitcoin transactions in 2012 and 2013.

Source: Forbes

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